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Flexible platform

Manufacturing high purity mRNA for any protein target or use

Because the number of use cases for mRNA continues to grow, the list of “undruggable” targets continues to shrink.  Regardless of the target protein that your mRNA needs to encode, Vernal has you covered.  Our flexible platform allows us to aid in the design and lead on manufacturing high purity mRNA for any protein target or use that you are considering, ranging from precision nucleases, gene regulatory proteins, epigenetic editors, secreted and intracellular binding proteins, protein replacement, reporter genes, immunomodulatory genes, cell programming, fusion proteins, and more.  Vernal can provide options on protein design, such as signal sequences, multi-domain or multi-protein targets, and reformatting.  Our consultative process keeps it simple, starting with an understanding of your target’s mechanism and amino acid sequence.  You will have a variety of nucleic acid chemistries to choose from, as well.  From there, Vernal will scale our process to meet your needs and iterate designs, every step of the way through your program.

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Vernal’s platform can make mRNA for any use case and protein target
Simple engagement: exchange amino acid sequence, amount and nucleic acid chemistry needed for high purity mRNA
Protein design is integrated in our process
We provide mRNA on demand: transact only for what you need

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High Purity mRNA

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