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Easily scale your GMP mRNA projects

Vernal offers GMP services, with detailed process characterization for each unit operation associated with the clinical supply for your mRNA projects. Your project will benefit from the heavily documented quality by design program that surrounds the development of our platform GMP process and analytical methods. This approach, combined with our deep understanding of the relationship between manufacturing science and product quality, allows rapid deployment of customized workflows and processes encompassing the supply chain, DNA template manufacturing, mRNA manufacturing, and lipid nanoparticle formulations for your upcoming clinical trials. All required analytical assays, including receipt, in-process, and release testing, are part of our QC function. This set of QbD-inspired, platform technologies provide an advanced staging ground for your clinical projects, saving you time and money during the development phase. Our flexible, robust quality management system is designed to allow adaptation of our platform technologies to the specifications of your project, as defined by an agreed upon quality target product profile.  Our new 23,000 square foot facility will provide you with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to scale your GMP mRNA projects.

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QbD-guided, platform processes provide advanced staging ground for clinical manufacturing
Technology continuity from research to clinical projects
Projects underwritten by quality management system
New facility is purpose built and scalable for all mRNA projects

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