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Vernal Biosciences is an mRNA CDMO democratizing the use of mRNA, LNP-mRNA, and associated services such as process development and quality control methods.  Vernal’s quality-by-design driven platform technologies across the entire value chain of mRNA medicines will provide your project with a de-risked, advanced staging ground for research and clinical supply.  Our on-demand, high-purity supply and services provides you with the flexibility to perform proper drug discovery and development without risking the buildout of costly teams and facilities.  This transactional model and commitment to maintaining quality across all scales of mRNA and LNP-mRNA will allow your organization to focus on other high-value operations such as target biology, drug discovery, clinical development, and marketing. mRNA and LNP-mRNA from Vernal Biosciences will support all of your R&D, regardless of your mRNA use case.

Next-generation processes
Next-generation processes

Hypothesis driven proprietary processes and improvements.

High purity for all clients, for all stages of R&D
High purity

Why settle for less? Your key R&D decisions should assume consistency and high purity mRNA everytime.

Transparent quality data
Quality by design

Automated structured data management across the entire mRNA product lifecycle.

Scalable approach to grow with your needs

Vernal’s platform accommodates all mRNA needs.

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Our most important project is your project.

Through all transactions with Vernal, we are able to pour all of our process and analytical knowledge into your project to help you succeed on time.

High Purity mRNA

Accelerate your research and development with our RUO catalog and custom mRNA ready for testing in cells and animals.