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Processes & Methods

Remove guesswork & lengthy development cycles

Quickly and reliably initiate any additional work unique to your needs, including fine-tuning around your mRNA sequence, target product or target quality profile, or novel use case for your mRNA. We will collaborate on incentives that encourage both parties to define and rapidly reach project success. Depending on Vernal for your mRNA manufacturing needs will allow you to more effectively resource the areas where you add the most value such as drug discovery, target biology, clinical strategy, and the lives of patients.


Quality is our culture: it infects everything that we do and has been tracked from Day 1.


A single business relationship and simple transactional model for all manufacturing stages of mRNA R&D.


Our manufacturing technology will be turn-key for all mRNAs. No more reinventing the wheel for each project.


Our past regulatory experience will become part of your regulatory experience.

Our Approach

Quality by Design

Scaling and purifying mRNA to the standards that the regulatory agencies are accustomed to can be challenging. We are using a quality by design system (QbDVision) to capture, track, and scour data from every experiment we run to develop a predictive understanding of the relationships between raw materials, processes, scaling, and outputs. This approach allows us to accelerate projects with a directed quality approach. As a result, all projects that we initiate will be built on a stable launchpad of our process technology that can accelerate your research and development.

We’ve Been There Before

Why outsourced mRNA manufacturing

Before building Vernal Biosciences to open up access to this precious material, mRNA, we grew accustomed to the challenges of outsourcing mRNA manufacturing: unreliable supply, variable quality, regulatory confusion, and difficulty scaling the technology and business considerations from research to clinical needs. We will help you eliminate those challenges by leveraging the successes, and even occasional failures we had during our years-long odyssey of outsourcing mRNA. It turns out that outsourcing mRNA can be done properly through a deep alignment with your research and development needs.

High Purity mRNA

Accelerate your research and development with our RUO catalog and custom mRNA ready for testing in cells and animals.

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