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Cheers 2023!

Vernal Bioscience has had an incredible time connecting with RNA and LNP scientists this year, from the enlightening Keystone Symposium in Whistler to the innovative mRNA Health conference in Berlin. One of the absolute highlights was our participation in the prestigious World Vaccine Congress held in Washington DC, where our remarkable CEO and Founder, Christian, brilliantly led two captivating roundtable discussions on the groundbreaking topics of mRNA and LNP scale up and GMP manufacturing. We were truly delighted to exchange thought leadership in mRNA design and manufacturing as well as LNP formulation. At the mRNA health conference, we took it upon ourselves to address these inquiries by presenting three exceptional posters comparing different capping technologies and Poly A tail on the quality and potency of mRNAs, and the use of dbDNA for mRNA synthesis.

We are eagerly looking forward to reconnecting with all of you at upcoming conferences. Stay tuned for updates on where we will be by checking this page or following our LinkedIn posts!