Process Optimization for Effective Scale-up

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How we operate

Risk-Based Quality-By-Design Approach

With decades of expertise in mRNA manufacturing, Vernal scientists apply a risk-based, quality-by-design (QbD) approach to support phase-appropriate GMP manufacturing. Our responsibilities take us through each step of a client’s journey towards developing drug products with the goal to enable success of manufacturing at scale.

Vernal understands that mRNA clinical development can be lengthy and costly, while clients face the pressure of meeting program timeline.  Vernal has a dedicated process development lab where our scientists specialize in QbD for enabling effective mRNA and LNP platform production process and scale-up for pilot, engineering, and GMP batches. From early clinical development to commercialization, Vernal analytical development services are designed to support your product release and characterization to ensure the highest purity and potency of your products.

Our innovative process strategies guarantee consistency and make Vernal a preferred CDMO for RNA- and DNA-based therapies. From concept to finalization, our experienced scientists deliver quality to meet customer needs at every stage of your GMP product manufacturing.

High Purity mRNA