The mRNA Monthly—June 2024 Newsletter

mRNA Capping Technologies
Explore this study, which compares two important mRNA capping technologies by evaluating the mRNA integrity, percent Cap1 content, dsRNA content, in vivo expression and innate immune activation in mice.

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7 Key Benefits of a US-Based CDMO
In the fast-paced world of biopharmaceuticals, choosing the right contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) is crucial to the success of your drug development program. Explore these seven key benefits of partnering with a US-based CDMO.

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Problem Solving: Large-Scale mRNA
Are you tired of project delays due to inconsistent mRNA and LNP quality or spending too much time and money in making the product than doing R&D for it? Discover how you can streamline your process and ensure consistent, high-quality results with optimized large-scale solutions for your RUO mRNA and LNP projects.

Industry Events
Conferences are a great way for us to learn more about your work! In June, we connected with industry experts at BIO in San Diego, CA and this week we shared insights during our presentation at RNA Tx in Worcester, MA.

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