The mRNA Monthly—May 2024 Newsletter

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Welcome to the NEW monthly mRNA newsletter! In this monthly update, we will share the latest breakthroughs, insights, and innovations in mRNA and mRNA-LNP technology. By reading these updates, you will gain a competitive edge, stay ahead of industry trends, and unlock new opportunities in the rapidly evolving field of mRNA therapeutics. Together, we’ll accelerate the path to life-changing medicines.
—Christian Cobaugh, Founder and CEO, Vernal Biosciences

Happening Tomorrow: Drug Development and Delivery Insights for 2024
Join industry leaders for a half-day, virtual event exploring the latest in drug delivery and development, from RNA delivery to cutting-edge technologies. It’s not too late to register; see you May 30!

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Methods for mRNA Poly(A) Sizing
The poly(A) tail region of an mRNA functions to stabilize the mRNA and enable translation of the protein. Due to its biological importance, the length of the poly(A) tail is typically evaluated as a Critical Quality Attribute for manufactured mRNA medicines. Explore this study, which describes the method developed to evaluate the length of mRNA poly(A) tails via a low-cost, high-throughput three-step method.

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FDA News: New Office of Therapeutic Products
The Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) has established the new Office of Therapeutic Products (OTP). The intent of these changes is to improve discipline alignment, increase review capacity, and enhance expertise in cell and gene therapies.

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VaccineNation: Strategy & Innovation
Dr. Grant Henderson, was at the World Vaccine Congress event discussing accelerating mRNA and LNP manufacturing with platform analytical and process technologies.

Industry Events
Conferences are a great way for us to learn more about your work! In May, we connected with leaders at ASGCT in Baltimore, MD and TIDES USA in Boston, MA. In June, we hope to see you at BIO in San Diego, CA or RNA Tx in Worcester, MA.

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