500UG Encapsulation


mRNA required to encapsulate twice as much as final mass desired (e.g. 1 mg mRNA = 0.5mg LNP-mRNA, 2mg mRNA = 1mg LNP-mRNA).

Vernal now offers catalog eGFP mRNA that has been optimized to produce high expression level of the enhanced green fluorescent protein. Originally isolated from the jellyfish, Aequorea victoria, eGFP is a powerful reporter molecule broadly utilized for monitoring gene expression and protein localization.  eGFP displays bright green fluorescence when exposed to light in the blue to ultraviolet range, with an emissions peak at 509nm. Vernal’s eGFP mRNA is ready to use for a wide variety of functional studies including biodistribution (in vivo imaging), gene regulation, cell viability, and translation efficiency.

Vernal’s mRNAs are highly pure mRNAs that incorporate modified nucleoside (N1-methylpseudoUridine), Cap-1 structure, optimized codons and poly(A) tail to improve translation efficiency and reduce host cell immune response. Vernal’s mRNAs function as mature, fully processed mRNAs, and are ready for use in cells and animals.